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The Indian startup ecosystem is getting matured in one of the best ecosystems among all, with the financial support from government initiatives and leading global investors, the stakes will get elevated. In such a situation, it requires impeccable startup consultation and nutrition to keep right from the beginning. Tecions not only helps you with your business model but instead of preparing for the next stage, we guide the investors you need. Drink a coffee with us and we realize the ability to present you.

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Techniques We Use To Develop Android Apps

Google map Integration

Location based services by integrating GPS and Google map’s. Anyone can access the person through google map API.

Social media integration

Integration of developed Application with social media site. That will help to make the android application popular.

Data Management

Large data management application. Data management is a comprehensive method of enabling an enterprise to link all of its critical data to one file is very important approach for an app.

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